The manufacturer of the biggest lift fireproof box in Iran

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of lift fireproof box manufacturing, Farniv Machine Manufacturing Company (FMMC) throve to produce that of diverse qualities in the line of its quality aims and also for relieving its honorable costumers by the use of the highest up-to-date technologies.

In the company, all design and producing phases were done with the best equipped facilities such a way that manufacturing lift boxes with very soft and easy to move handgrips and vibration- and- noise- free doors in spite of their complicated shapes, is only one of our marked abilities.

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Advantages of lift boxes

  • 1Increasing profitable work time(No picking and setting jewelries for four times a day)
  • 2High Security
  • 3Injury decreasing to jewelries and frames(Prevent of jewelries to be touched and blemished)
  • 4Optimal use of store space(No need for another box to hold showcase’s jewelries)
  • 5Jewelry‘s shutting down possibility(For a short time to do necessary tasks)
  • 6Less labor force requirement
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Farniv And Customers

Interview with Mr. Mirja’afari – the president of jewelries union of Azadshahr

Interview with Mr. Mirja’afari – the president of jewelries union of Azadshahr

Hello Mr. Mirja’afari, how long are you using lift fireproof box in your store? Hello to you and your colleagues, at the present… (More)
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